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Helsinki, June 12th, 2000

Arcus Software demonstrates world’s first mobile mobile three-dimensional route map technology

Arcus Software demonstrated today together with Radiolinja and Hewlett-Packard E-Bazaar, a mobile navigation application of a new 3D map technology allowing the development of novel mobile 3D map and navigation applications. Arcus Software has developed this proprietary technology for the creation, application and distribution of 3D 3d 3D maps. The maps are created into an object-oriented database allowing flexible conversion to different 3D formats, including VRML. Maps can be created for city and urban areas but also rural areas are now being mapped into this new format. The These maps can then be used in different various application areas both in desktop Internet as well and in as mobile Internet domainmobile services.

"Arcus’s unique technology allows the creation of extreme high-fidelity three-dimensional maps optimised for Internet use even over narrow bandwidth applications. The high quality of our 3D maps is achieved by high accuracy of architectural elements in the modelling phase” said Akif Ali, President and CEO of Arcus Software Oy.

The company also demonstrated Arcus Software demonstrated its RouteCAM technology, a world-first in applying 3D map technique to create navigation routes between two locations. The snapshots of route scenes can be set up as a cartoon which then can be sent to WAP mobile phones or as a WML document to any other mobile device capable of showing WML documents, including WAP mobile phones. Says Antti Wiio, Vice President Business Development: RouteCAM is the first step in creating real additional value to the exploding market of location-based mobile services. Applications based on our 3D map technology are ideal in the shrunk-screen terminals used in mobile phones and PDA’s."

Radiolinja will start to test Arcus’s technology in Helsinki city area – where the penetration rates for WAP-enabled phones are probably the highest in the world – as soon as WAP phones with appropriate grey-level displays become available. “RouteCAM application is a wonderful example of leading edge technology that is spawned in Finland today, and demonstrates also how 3D can be used to give real advantage to users of navigational and location-based application – a sure ‘killer application domain’ for the coming 18 months” said Mikko J. Salminen, Vice President Technology Director of Radiolinja.

The announcement was made together with Hewlett-Packard Corporation’s E-Bazaar at the Mobile E-Services Bazaar., which is H-P’s effort to create accelerating momentum in developing new, second generation applications to both desktop and mobile Internet. Arcus Software and Radiolinja werewas among the first companies to join the Helsinki E-bazaarMobile E-Services Bazaar. “The RouteCAM application is one of the early examples of the new type of applications to second generation Internet, where we will see the revolution of the service industry come truea very innovative way of linking the virtual and the real world, and we think it will play a key role in making mobile e-services part of everyday life” said Peter E. Vesterbacka, Director Business Development Manager, HP Mobile E-Services Bazaar. of Hewlett-Packard Corporation.

Arcus Software Oy is a Finnish company offering three-dimensional map and city model technology, software tools and services for Internet and mobile applications. The company was founded in 1996 and current shareholders include Elisa Communications, Comptel, FM International and Kajaani Telephone Corporation.

Founded in 1988, Oy Radiolinja Ab was the first company to open a GSM network, in 1991. The Radiolinja Group comprises Oy Radiolinja Ab, the subsidiaries Radiolinja Eesti AS, SIA Radiolinja Latvija and Globalstar Northern Europe. The Group’s net sales on 1999 came to FIM 3,037 billion and it had a personnel of almost 1000.

Hewlett-Packard Company -- a leading global provider of computing and imaging solutions and services -- is focused on making technology and its benefits accessible to individuals and businesses through simple appliances, useful e-services and an Internet infrastructure that's always on.

Excluding Agilent Technologies, HP has 86,000 employees worldwide and had total revenue from continuing operations of $42.4 billion in its 1999 fiscal year. Information about HP and its products can be found on the World Wide Web at

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Arcus Software Oy

Akif Ali, President and CEO,
Pertti Leppäluoto VP, Marketing and Sales,

Oy Radiolinja Ab

Mikko Salminen, Technology Director,

Hewlett-Packard Mobile E-Services Bazaar

Peter E. Vesterbacka, Business Development Manager,


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