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Tokyo, September 19th, 2001

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Arcus Software exhibits at WORLD PC EXPO 2001
JETRO Booth No. 1000, International Exhibition Hall 1 (#1401)
Makuhari Messe,
Chiba City (near Tokyo), Japan, September 19-21, 2001.

Innovative three-dimensional navigation solutions to be launched in Japan in 2002

Arcus Software to showcase 3D map of Tokyo at WORLD PC EXPO 2001

Arcus Software, a Finnish high-tech company focused on three-dimensional mapping technology, brings its innovative 3D route instruction products to Japanese market. Arcus Software will showcase its new digital 3D map of central Tokyo, along with VisitGuide and MobileGuide navigation products for Internet and mobile use, at the WORLD PC EXPO in Tokyo, Japan, in September 19-22.

In a three-dimensional map, the user sees the landscape and nearby buildings from a pedestrian perspective. In route instruction products, an arrow image or a dotted line can be added in order to help guide the user to the right direction. When using a 3D map on a mobile device, the user is able to download additional pictures when moving forward until the destination is reached.

"Completing the three-dimensional map of Marunouchi-Otemachi-Yurakucho area of Tokyo is the first step towards the Japanese market. Having demonstrated our competence in the process of building digital 3D models, we are now discussing with Japanese partners about the launch of the VisitGuide and MobileGuide products", said Akif Ali, President and CEO, Arcus Software.

Based on the 3D city modelling technology developed by Arcus Software, VisitGuide is a three-dimensional route instruction product that can be operated on a PC using a regular web browser. VisitGuide is ideal for companies, hotels, restaurants etc. providing their customers with easy-to-use route instructions. Already available in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, the product will be launched in Tokyo in 2002.

Bringing the 3D map to end-users just in time, MobileGuide delivers maps upon a request straight onto the screen of the user's mobile phone or handheld PDA device. MobileGuide works e.g. as a means to send route instructions from a subway station to one's offices to a customer's wireless device. The map can be received either as a series of still pictures or as a streaming video clip.

"Three-dimensional visual images help people to understand route instructions more easily than traditional two-dimensional maps. Furthermore, 3D-animation is the optimal user interface for the small-sized phone and mobile device displays, as there simply isn't enough room to show larger two-dimensional maps", Akif Ali continues.

Currently, maps are among the most employed Internet content services, with an estimate of 10 million pages of maps being printed out each day by regular business travelers. Arcus Software's MobileGuide delivers maps upon a request straight onto the screen of user's mobile device, thus replacing the need to print out maps beforehand from the Internet.

Aiming to establish foothold in Japan through local partners and distributors, Finland-based Arcus Software is a subsidiary of Elisa Communications Group (HEX: ELIAV), a leading Finnish telecommunications operator. Other shareholders include Comptel Corporation (HEX: CTL), a leading provider of high quality mediation devices for telecommunications industry with more than 170 customers on all continents, along with Arcus Software's founders, active management and private investors.

About Arcus Software

Arcus Software produces 3D maps for web browsers and wireless devices and develops software solutions for 3D mapping process. Having already built several 3D virtual cities, the company focuses on 3D navigation applications for third generation mobile technology. Arcus Software's offering includes VisitGuide and MobileGuide route instruction products for use in wired and wireless environments respectively.

Established in 1996, the company currently employs 25 staff in Helsinki and Kajaani, Finland. Elisa Communications Corporation's (HEX: ELIAV) Research and New Business Ventures business unit and Comptel Plc (HEX: CTL) made a strategic investment in Arcus Software in May 2001, making Arcus a subsidiary of Elisa Communications Corporation. Arcus Software's owners also include its founders, management and other investors.

Additional information about Arcus Software:
3D map of Helsinki, Finland available in the Internet:
3D map of Tokyo, Japan available in the Internet:


Mr. Akif Ali, President and CEO, Arcus Software Oy
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GSM +358 500 446 158

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