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Helsinki, November 18th, 2002

Elisa Communications has sold its Arcus shares to Immo Teperi, the co-founder of Arcus Software

The business will continue under the new name of Fontus Ltd

Mr Immo Teperi, the co-founder of Arcus Software and a pioneer of urban 3D modelling has bought the shares and controlling interest of Arcus from the former main owners Elisa Communications Corp. and Comptel Corp. and from several minority owners. Arcus Sofware has been creating 3D city maps and related application for both Finnish and international markets. Fontus is the new registered name for the company

Immo Teperi, a Finnish architect, worked previously on urban design in his own architectural studio. With the formation of Arcus in 1996 he became director of the modelling studio. He was also a member of the Arcus board of directors.

The company has been developing innovative applications for 3D modelling and mobile navigation and it has also built large urban 3D models. The Helsinki 3D model covers over 20 square km of city centre and the Virtual-Kainuu covers over 23,000 square km of Kainuu province in north-eastern Finland. The company has also modelled parts of Bremen, London and Tokyo.

Fontus Ltd owns full rights to all the existing models except Kainuu. Fontus aims to bring these models and their applications to a wider market with the help of new partners.

For the future Fontus is looking to focus on further processing of existing digital 2D maps into 3D maps for the Finnish, Japanese and UK markets.

More information:

CEO Immo Teperi,
Tel. +358-44-2928775
Fontus Oy, Pihkatie 4, 00410 Helsinki


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