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Tokyo, December 9th, 2004

Fontus on Japanese leading IT magazine

In December issue of ASCII is an article of Fontus and its technology.

Summary of the article

Article gives a short introduction of Nordic IT, it names Linux, Opera, Futuremark, Remedy, F-Secure and KDE by Trolltech.

Fontus is best known for its 3D model of Helsinki made for "Helsinki Arena 2000"-project. Virtual Helsinki was an idea Risto Linturi got in 1995. First models of Helsinki were shown on a fair in 1996 with a very expensive Silicon Graphics workstation where even small models moved quite slowly.

Article tells about Fontus Object Oriented Architecture used in its city models. Models can be viewed in VRML using ADSL or used as a direction guide in mobile devices with i-mode or MMS. Model can also be used for games, simulations and other business models.

Article explains why Fontus has made 3D models of Tokyo. Immo Teperi tells about differences of Marounouchi and Toranomon areas from modellers point of view. Story tells about Fontus current situation and its prospects.

Article concludes that although Finland is a big IT country, which has produced Linux and other IT companies, many companies have been actually struggling for the last years like Japanese companies.

More information:

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