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Helsinki, September 5th, 2005

Tekes is financing 3d map technology

Tekes, the National Technology Agency of Finland, has decided to finance project to build a 3D-map publishing system.

In the project Fontus is working together with its partners Pohjanmaan PPO Telephone in Ostrobothnia and Kajaani Telephone - KPO in Kainuu in North-eastern Finland.

Target of the project is to develop a system to publish 3d-maps with point of interest data in wired and wireless Internet.

Test cases

New technology is tested in different cases on three locations.

Virtual Kainuu - City of Kuhmo

Image of Virtual Kainuu, city of Kuhmo in the distance.

Between 1998-2002 Fontus built one of the largest 3D-models in the World for KPO. Virtual-Kainuu project was financed partly by European Union. Huge model covers over 23.000 km2 with all roads, buildings, lakes and rivers in the province.

Now the 3D map of Kuhmo is used as one of the pilot cases in the project. Fontus has modelled the city in two different scales. Center of the city is modelled using 3d stereo mapping made by FM-Kartta Oy. Surrounding areas are modelled using data by Finnish Land Survey.

Virtual Ostrobothnia - Kalajoki beaches

Aerial photo of beaches of Kalajoki, photo taken by Fontus for the Virtual Ostrobothnia-project.

At Ostrobothnia PPO and www-portal company Pohjanmaan Verkkopalvelut PVP Oy have one of the best areal www-portals with 2D map services: Raaheseutu alueporttaali

They also have a popular local www shopping center Puntari.

2D-map portal Puntari-kartta offers local Point Of Interest data. 3D maps by Fontus offer new ways to use and find local information.

In the pilot project Fontus is building a 3D map of Kalajoki beaches, one of the most popular summer resorts in Finland and center of Ylivieska city.
In the project PPO and Fontus are looking for more partners in local cities, companies and schools like Centria, which has experience in 3D graphics and mobile applications.

Virtual Helsinki

Image of Virtual Helsinki models by Fontus Ltd.

Virtual-Helsinki project is one of the best-known virtual cities in the world. Fontus started working on the project as early as 1996 with Elisa Communications. After preliminary pilot models of Helsinki 1996-98, Fontus started modelling the new 3D map with its brand new tools in 1999. Modeling of the city continues...

In this new project Fontus is publishing Virtual-Helsinki in new ways in wired and mobile Internet with a lot of local Point of Interest data.

More information:

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