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Helsinki, August 11th, 2006

Virtual Helsinki opens for beta testing

New Virtual Helsinki city portal is now open for beta testers and everybody who want to explore 3D Helsinki map at (link opens in a new window).

Web2.0 user interface with AJAX

New user interface is based on new CityGuide3D technology Fontus is developing in cooperation with Ostrobothnia Telephone PPO and Kainuu Telephone KPO. Project is financed by Tekes, the National Technology Agency of Finland.
CityGuide3D uses modern AJAX technology that makes it possible to publish 3D city maps with local Point Of Interest (POI) information without any web browser plugins.

Current city portal version is beta 0.6. Version 1.0 should be finished by the end of 2006 and final opening of Virtual Helsinki is to take place in early 2007.


Virtual citizens of Helsinki are invited to take part in adding and editing local POI-data to Helsinki 3D map. The goal is to make Virtual Helsinki a living "Helsinkipedia".

Best known Virtual City in the World

Virtual Helsinki is probably the best known virtual city project in the world. Fontus started to work on the project in 1996. After preliminary pilot models Fontus started to build a new 3D city model in 1999 with its own modelling tools. Modelling of the city continues.

Accurate detailed city model covers 15 square kilometers of Helsinki city centre. Model includes over 600 city blocks and parks. 3D model is based on 3D stereo mapping made by FM-Kartta Oy.

Image of Virtual Helsinki models by Fontus Ltd.

More information:

CEO Immo Teperi,
Tel. +358-44-2928775
Fontus Oy, Pihkatie 4, FIN-00410 Helsinki


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